Saturday, January 8, 2011

a tiny hello

Hi everyone!  I've been gone quite a while and my only real explanation is that I haven't had much to write about, or I haven't felt moved to blog.  That is, I've been writing like crazy, just not here.  But I miss reading everyone so I'm going to take time to visit and I thought I'd share some recent poetry and stuff.

Things on my Fridge
You are a forest 
needing sun to grow stories
& the sea is your dream
rain beats a languid chant
to make fresh mist beneath a bare purple sky
explore your new voice
wild as a bouquet not from a garden
delicate as a petal still

your smile is a story library


whisper moon language

              cover your (heart)
from the world
              under shadow
              create beauty          (*never,cover,world,under,create came together)

wander the ancient library of the human head

explore this magic life

A poem I just wrote.

maybe i should eat
i need some more words
i think i'll have to start
eating dictionaries
because i can't seem to come up with
enough words
or the right ones to
mean what i'm saying like
how i love the word mobius
and i know what it is
and what it looks like but
sometimes i use it when
i mean something else and so
maybe i'll have to
eat up some geometry books too
to try to find a better shape
to metaphor with
and sometimes singing
even in words that have nothing to do with it
seems to get out or get across
what i'm feelin at the time
in the most direct, most satisfying way
so maybe i should eat some cds
or music books or my violin
and when it starts to all seem
too surreal like
life has gone
quite strange
maybe i should start eating
some of the old and true
fairy tales
warning us of how twisted
and mistakenly lovely
life can be

Something little I wrote last November.

Her nostrils flare like a horse when she's hot
and sometimes, when she looks at something
that makes her want to run, like to the barn,
you can tell everything else is out of focus.

Something I wrote a few days ago.

working stiffs

So what has us working
as we toil for our supper
and nobody seems to be singing much
about anything
and sleep tends to defer to the needs
of a person to be a person
and sometimes around other people
and these natural needs take
an unnatural back seat to the
make-believe needs of
a culture of has-to-be
where balance is so sorely twisted
that if it were struck, even for a moment,
it would be askew
and it seems to me that most people don't see
that it's only this way because we say it's ok
we get up too early
go to sleep too late
eat food that's not that at all
being, often, grossly under-compensated
for our time and our energy
both of which are so consumed that
it becomes difficult to look around
it's hard to take it all in
to fathom the big picture
or bother to ask questions
 about- why do we do this thing
but instead just keep doing
because it's what we all believe in
and I may be a bit on the fringe when i'm thinking
we've all lost our minds


  1. Wow! This didn't turn out to be such a tiny hello. Glad you're back, that you're writing and thanks for all the stuff you posted here. I really like your poetry. It's so...from the heart, the anger, reality, great.

    thanks for visiting me again.

  2. Thanks Myrna. No, I guess it was a kinda long hello. Yep, I've got a little anger over the seeming lack of balance, the way we all seem to work so hard weather or not we're paid well and have so little time left for what I think is important in life- like, living...
    It was so good to hear from you and I'm so glad you're still writing poetry. I had a feeling when you started that you were just opening the damn. Let it flow! You're brilliant!