Friday, September 9, 2011

Pub Prologue

Would you like a round of rollicking wit?
Or to hear of Nature's succulent tit?
A tale of two lovers, star-crossed and horny?
A knight lost and stuck in a mire deep and thorny?
A kind old and rich, half-dead on his throne?
A princess made maiden without any home?
A dog and a man who danced for their bread?
Something to tickle as you numb our head?
Shall it be twisted like labyrinth’s gait?
Keep you on edge of your seat and breath-bate?
Stories of gods, the old or the new?
Something about me? Something about you?
Something well-known, familiar, and rusty?
Or something bawdy, bodaciously lusty?
Something to color your dreams tonight?
Or to keep you up turning over with fright?
A tale of a barnyard and what's done out back?
Or of traveling man with mysterious sack?
Shall it be magical, whimsical, Faye?
Or heavy as pondering your dying day?
A story of olde handed down mouth to ear?
Or one I just wrote, this very year?
Do you want royalty, high on their- selves?
Otherworldly places scattered with elves?
Pipers and rodents are overly-done.
Shout out a brand new idea just for fun!

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is in full swing right now and I won't be attending this year but I think it inspired this!

1 comment:

  1. I love it. It is happy and whimsical and fun. Good writing.

    (Daily Spirit)