Friday, April 5, 2013

Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month in America and there is a challenge some poets take on to write 30 poems in 30 days. I'm not those poets.  I wish I were that prolific but I do love the idea and I usually write a lot during this month.  I already have one finished poem, two in the works and one or two other ideas brewing!  Here's the finished (for now) piece.  I'm not sure of a title.  Maybe "Accumulation" or "Acquired"?

Twelve and a half years ago I had a baby
and my body changed      a lot
my tummy that had once been flat became round and heavy
it stayed that way
I was devastatingly convex
I hated it at first and for a long time until
I realized that round is one of my favorite shapes
and that anything that has harbored life
shouldn't be taken lightly
Besides, maybe I look a little like Sarasvati
and oh, she is beautiful

I was looking in the mirror and chanced a quick smile
to see what others see when I do that and
there were tiny lines next to my eyes that 
I don't remember collecting but
I just started giggling with them and I 
couldn't stop because I realized
every time I've laughed till I cried
or till my belly ached
I was gathering those wonderful lines
they were there in the making every time

I saw a silver hair, I think
it was short so I couldn't be sure but
I got so excited because
I've heard that silver hairs are story hairs
so I figure if I really got one
it must be time for me to start telling.

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