Friday, December 4, 2009

More about the monkeys

I realize that sweet potatoes are not fruit but I still refer to the story as "fruit-washing monkeys". So I've been using the metaphor in my daily life and I love it. When someone is rude or cruel, I think to myself, "ooo, they're eating dirty fruit" and it helps me to not feed into their negativity. It's a funny thing to say so it takes the edge off of the yuckiness. Then when I'm being negative, whether it's thinking yucky thoughts or being judgemental, I think, "Ooo, I just ate dirty fruit". It works in the same way. So I had a hard day at work Wednesday because I was tired and not in the mood to be there. I just focused on 'keeping my fruit clean' all day and it really helped. I realize it sounds crazy but that's why it works for me. Try it out and see if it works for you. Or if you have a similar statement that you use, please let me know. We all need a full tool-box of ways to stay positive and this is my new shiny tool. I hope it helps you all too.


  1. so if i feel a sour mood coming or I am in a bad mood, i can just remember that its time to was my fruit.

    Isnt there a saying that is something like, experience it the fruit of knowledge.?

  2. We all have sour moods. It's just recognizing that it is a mood and owning that but not being mean to others because of it. Realizing that 'my fruit is dirty right now' but knowing that it will be clean again soon because bad moods always pass.