Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along?

It's funny how even in the 'fringe' groups of society there is still such a lack of cohesion. I'm amazed to see adults choosing to function in cliques rather than welcoming new people. The truth is that regardless of what group or groups we may feel we 'belong' to, we are all individuals making individual choices about how we respond to the people around us. What the world needs now, (and yes, I just sang that in my head), is less division and more togetherness, less judgment and more acceptance, less bitterness and more love, less hypocrisy and more honesty, fewer perceived differences and more recognition that WE ARE. One of my dear friends is always saying that we should 'draw the circle bigger' and I think that's brilliant. Her meaning is that there's always room to include someone who wasn't there before. How beautiful! We need to be working harder to be accepting of and curious about the people with whom we come into contact. I really think we all have things to teach one another and if we stay stuck in the same exclusive group, what new things will we learn?

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