Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Rant

Ok, I've never blogged before but I write incessantly so I thought I might try this. I'm learning and thinking of feminism lately in life. I have to admit, although I'm a bit ashamed, that in the past the word brought up images of man-hating women. I just didn't understand what it was all about. It's not a movement trying to attack the white-male-patriarchal society we're in and cause its downfall. It's about balance. Feminism isn't trying to turn the patriarchy back into a matriarchy, but isn't it sad that we have no word for the balance that should fall between? This planet has taken a serious beating. We're consuming resources as if they're inexhaustible. And when people speak of sustainability, most think they're talking about being more 'eco-friendly'. To sustain means to keep alive. It means that if we don't learn to live in a more sustainable way, we will perish. I can't think of a more frightening bottom line. So where are the changes? We're all worrying about money and trying to get the economy back to how it was before the collapse. Is that really a good idea? We seem to have forgotten that money is an illusion. It's paper and metal. It's a system we use in place of bartering. So- it's not the economy that we need to worry about so much, not the value of the not-so-mighty dollar, it's the people! There are so many people out of work and it hasn't occurred to the government that there is so much work to be done!! Why don't we offer to train these people to build wind farms and solar arrays? Then people can support their families and we become less dependant on foreign oil. Or better yet, not be dependant on oil at all. I have to admit, I'm not very politically savvy. There are so many obstacles that prevent us from growing and changing and helping others. I really believe that in the world, every person has the right to shelter, clothing, food, clean water, education, and health care. We have the resources, they're just greatly out of balance. I live in America and look at this place. It's gluttony central. I'm not immune to this, I'm pissed off because I'm a part of it! In this culture, we're raised with an "every man for himself" mentality. And we try to get all we can hoping to feel fulfilled, hoping to get to that point where we can rest or where we will feel complete. I can promise you that 'stuff' will not fill us up. And I really don't believe we can feel done while there is so much suffering happening. Maybe that's the little Bodhisattva in me but I know we're all connected. We need to start re-evaluating our priorities- quickly. It's true that we need to be the change we want to see in the world. Maybe the best first step we can take is to learn to fully and deeply love ourselves. Our true selves, not our accomplishments. We need to remember that we all have Divinity within. When you're in a moment when you really do love yourself, it becomes impossible to be hurtful to others. If you believe that you love yourself yet you act without consideration or compassion, your ego is fooling you. You love the image of yourself you've created. Find something deeper. Forgive yourself everything because we're all innocent. Each of us has the power to change the world. Our thoughts have been proven to be actual, physical things that go out into the world and affect other things. We have amazing untapped potential and if we don't put it to good use soon, it will disappear with us. As women, we bring our sensibilities to the table. All of life is sacred. There is no possible outcome of war that could ever justify losing even one life. All people are our brothers and sisters, regardless of borders. When we allow people to starve, a part of ourselves starves as well, no matter how gluttonous we are. There is vast wisdom out there, most of it ancient, some of it brought forth in new forms. Find your own unique path. When you learn something that brings you calm, know that it is true. Know, also, that you are perfect. We all get lost as we grow through this world but we can find our way back. I'm at the begining of that journey now and I'd like to invite the whole world to walk it next to me.

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  1. Dear Melissa,

    I am SO EXCITED that I finally accessed your blog! I couldn't get on the other two days that I tried. So, I'm reading about a million miles an hour. I need to go back later and take my time and let it sink it. It's wonderful! Note to self--don't forget to bookmark!