Monday, November 23, 2009

Kudos to the Gap

Have you seen the new holiday Gap commercial? I am so happy about it! They recognize Christmas, Hanuka (spelling?), Kwanza and Solstice!! I'm so impressed that a mainstream store finally decided to advertise to pagans- in a way. There is a group who is upset, insisting that this commercial is "anti-religious" but give me a break. First of all, all four major holidays are mentioned. I read a comment on the convocation conversation that pointed out that if it were anti-religions, wouldn't they have just said 'Happy Holidays"? Not to mention the fact that Solstice is also a secular holiday, if you can't accept it as a witchy day. It's the longest night of the year and the beginning of the lengthening of daylight. That was something to celebrate even when I considered myself Christian. So what's up with all the hate? It's supposed to be the most loving time of year. We're constantly inundated with Christmas blah blah. It's hard to even see the religious meaning of Christmas through all the lights, tinsel, and blaring music. So what are people afraid of? It comes back to Fear vs. Love in my mind. There is such a tendency for people to start screaming about things being unfair or unbalanced. It's really sad. I've never heard a single witch complain about the propensity of Christmas ads and the complete lack of anything that mentions Solstice or Yule. It's been out of balance for so long!! I'm glad to see balance brought to advertising. I've never been into the Gap but I will be buying some gifts there this year! If you're on the side of Love and acceptance, I hope you do too!!


  1. I haven't seen the Gap commercial, but YAY! As soon as I read your first couple of sentences, I was thinking about your previous blog on Fear vs. Love. It's just fear. I'm a somewhat Christian, and in the seventies, there was a movement called ecumenicalism. It was wonderful. It got squashed. Do people REALLY want to be equal? It's easy to say, and to think that we mean it, but the reality of it can be scary, especially to the ones who are the majority or power-holders. It must be frightening to them. Still, as long as we keep thinking about it, talking about it, and educating ourselves, there's always hope that we are making the planet a better place!

  2. I agree. Hope is continuously growing and when we have great hope backed by great love it's so powerful. I want everyone to feel that their faith is accepted. There is so much beauty in every positive religion. We need them all. As soon as we realize that we're all praying to the same Source, a great burden will lift from us. Power is an illusion and I hope that soon we value the power we have to help over the power we have to gain things for ourselves.