Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why blogging is weird

I started this blog to share my writing with people- anyone who would share their opinion or rant with or against me. The problem I have so far is that I haven't found a way to share with people without specifically inviting them. I also haven't found a way to search through other blogs and read what other people are writing about. I think this is operator error. I will do my best to figure it out. It's weird too because I'm not holding a pen. When writing in my journal, or on any available scrap of paper, there is a sense of privacy that is lacking here. I know that I can re-work and edit to my heart's content. I think that's why I like this format. It's so immediate. It lacks the organic feeling of putting pen to paper but it affords a kind of frankness that I tend to curb when I share my writing. If nothing else, blogging has quickly become a great outlet for those in-the-moment ramblings when I'm near a computer and an interesting new format and tool.


  1. If I ever freak you out, smack me and tell me to go away and Ill bother you again.
    that being covered.
    in your profile you listed things of interest to you, if you click on those now, you will see thousands of other blogs from people that also share that topic.
    I just go to the coffee shop all the time and will often react like this, meaning, you posted a Q and after my automatic smartass comment, came to see what you asked me to. Also if you go to a blog and leave a comment there, you can click on the names of others that have left comments. So if they left a comment you thought was good, you can go to their blog and follow them, in turn, they will see you are now following them, so they will come see you and follow you to see what else you might post. Mostly Im insane and a few of my blogs show that :D
    But the one thing I never want to do is freak out.
    Anyways on many blogs people put way too much infomation. Good luck :D

  2. Yay!! Another crazy person!! Thanks so much for this info. I don't have the net at home so I'm doing my best to manage this on my lunch-break. You answered my questions perfectly. I'm excited to go searching for other blogs and read what other people are thinking about the world. What do you think is way too much info on a blog? Do you mean personal stuff or opinion stuff?