Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Moving!

I found a home! And I stress the word HOME! I've lived in an apartment for 5 years that is unhealthy for many reasons and owned by a big corporation who basically refuses to fix anything. With the help of a friend, I found a tiny house to rent. It will be a big sacrifice as far as space is concerned but what we will gain is immeasurable! It has a HUGE yard that goes right down to a river. It's in a part of town that is very walkable and fun. The minute I walked in it was as if the house hugged me. We will be in a house! With no people on our walls or ceiling! We can plant things! I'm so excited! I've been pack-ratting in a two bedroom apartment for years. Now we're moving into The Little House (I named it) and suddenly I'm finding it so simple to give things away. I really believe it's my life path issue at this time to learn how to live with only what is necessary. I feel life will be more simple. I'll be more organized and together. It's such a peaceful place! I'm going to foster that peacefulness and make it the everyday state of life. I feel so strongly that all the things I've struggled with will become easier. I will take time to meditate and slow down in that way. All the things that I've been working at in fits and starts will have room. I think that's the big thing, I won't be so stressed out by having so many things around me. I'll be in an environment that will foster healing. My plan is to really work on healing me- re-learning how to meditate, praying and playing, getting fit and eating healthy. I know we can't move into a new home and expect to suddenly be different people but these are things I've been working at for years and I can't seem to make them stick. I am so sensitive to my environment and the apartment we've been living in tells me to take a nap, give up and roll over. The house will tell me, "It's ok, you can do it! This is the life you've been working toward!". And she will be right!


  1. sometimes a small space helps the mind get and keep organized. I happy that this place feels right to you, that in itself is a big part in menta comfort. Be very careful. I just moved myself and learned that what i thought was only a pulled muscle is a bit more severe:D
    I hope the water has fish for you and your kids

  2. Thank you so much! I hope your injury heals quickly and well. I must admit I'm intimidated by moving and the organization part. I'm also very excited. I hope you like the place you moved to. I think the river does have fish! How fun!