Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Priorities are things we are always re-evaluating. I have been living in an apartment that I don't like for a long time and it just recently became a priority to get out of it. I'm moving to a place that I really love and into a town that will offer me and my daughter many opportunities for learning and fun. The house we're moving into is tiny but beautiful. The problem is I just learned that the schools there are not great. The school my daughter is currently attending is rated A by the state, the ones where we are moving are rated C. It's a difficult thing to think about. My sister thinks I should not move but she doesn't understand that I'm not in the decision-making stage any more. I'm moving. So I have to rely on the facts that my daughter is a very bright kid and I work with her a lot. She gets a lot of instruction outside of school, I just may have to step that up a bit. I'm going to talk to the schools and see if they have any advanced programs that might be more appropriate for her. She's in the 4th grade now. I think if I do my best with her here and plan to get her into a better school or district before high-school (preferably before middle-school) she will be fine. I'm getting guilt from my sister but I have to let that go. I know with all my heart that this is the right place for our family. We will grow and heal here. We will learn and discover, cook and paint, sing and dance, and really enjoy life. School is not the end-all and be-all of what shapes our lives. I know that in a better school, children have more opportunities. I also know that my daughter's life has a richness that many are lacking. I'm teaching her about living life fully, being compassionate and caring, the importance of caring for herself, the importance of creativity and spirituality. I realize I'm writing this for the express purpose of not letting someone else's fears drag me down and make me question myself. It's the time in my life to be sure of what I'm doing. It's funny to think how many decisions have been made by not deciding. A witch's word is her will. My friends and I have been working with that one a lot and it helps. If I'm going to be a productive and powerful person, that can only be built on a foundation of integrity. That means that I'm sure about what I do and why. If I say something will be done, it will. I keep the whole picture in view as much as possible to consider how my actions affect others. This is going to be a good move for us. There are always sacrifices but I truly believe that all in all this will be a very positive experience and a wonderful place to live. Rather than second guessing or dwelling in anxiety, I'm choosing to dwell in gratitude. I'm grateful to my wonderful friend who helped me find this place. I'm grateful to the wonderful landlord who takes such great care of the property. I'm grateful to Goddess and God who I know were helping me to find the right place. I'm grateful to myself for making the right decision and sticking to it!


  1. You might want to check ou this website for some guidance and inspiration on educating your daughter:
    I struggled with the public school system for over two decades raising my daughters, it's only getting worse, so I understand your frustration.
    My daughters are grown and out now, my youngest graduated last year.
    You can most certainly supplement your child's education and I recommend anyone do that anyway. There are museums, extra curricular activities, a nifty thing called the library, and these days - the internet.
    Studies have shown that a child's level of education has more to do with the mother's level of education and what the child is exposed to in the home (i.e. books, tv, movies, culture, language, beliefs, etc.) than the school they attend.
    I hope this helps, best of luck in your move.


  2. Thank you so much, that's very heartening. It makes me feel good, too, to know that all I do with her will have such an impact. I work in a library and I'm always telling people how great it is and what a wonderful resource. I'm a walking public service announcement for public libraries. The town we're moving to has a lot more in the way of museums and other activities and great classes and cultural opportunities that are not available to us in our current location. I think looking at the whole picture of the move rather than just the schools is showing me that this is, indeed, the right place for us. I feel very strongly that school is only one small piece of the puzzle. Sometimes it seems that parents expect more out of school than is reasonable. I want to see my daughter's education as my responsibility. It keeps me motivated to get out and do things with her. The great part is that I still consider myself a student because I love to learn so much so while I'm fulfilling my own curiosity, I'll be helping her learn along the way.