Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Poem

I haven't written in a while and I miss it. I've been stupidly busy and have a lot going on but nothing I really want to write about. I decided to share a poem I wrote last fall. *
Curves and Lines
     My body is the Goddess's
     not a single curve out of place
     cause I can see my form in nature
     all the beautiful, round shapes to trace
But cities are made by men
you can see it in their design
cold and hard, constructed
all straight lines and street signs
     We do our best to invade them
     with bushes, trees and vines
     but they always feel constricted
     to a pretty little box in time
Meanwhile outside the cities borders
the ongoing ugly rat-race
is mowing down curves and forests
marching on leaving nary a trace
     Still, no matter how many lines they draw
     with their rulers to tell them how big
     when it's time to lay the foundation
     look where they have to dig
Into the sacred skin of our Mother
on the altar of our birth
source of all the life we know
the ever-spinning, round, round Earth
Hope you all like it!


  1. Have you heard about the beautification program in NY city Bette Midler started years ago? She was appalled at the run down green spaces and lack of green spaces in NY especially after having grown up in Hawaii. So she started a program to clean up NY and add more green spaces, even if it was in an alley. I think it is a wonderful example of the feminine trying to reclaim balance in the masculine dominated world.

    Wonderful poem.


  2. That's really cool. This is my vision of feminism. It's not about throwing it further out of balance in the opposite direction, it's about reclaiming balance, or initiating balance. We're too willing to wear these blinders. Growing up someplace beautiful like Hawaii would certainly cause a bit of shock over the cold, hardness of most cities.

  3. Great poem. Please do more - this seems to be a big part of you. Let it out.
    Mother earth behold.
    God is a woman.

  4. Aww... Thanks! I will share more as time goes on. This poem is easier for me to share than some others because it's not personal. Well, I guess everything we produce is personal but this is about the world at large and the screaming need for balance. I'm glad you like it.