Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Poem

Well kids, we're half way through National Poetry Month so I thought I'd post another poem.  I don't think it has a title yet.
Why am I so damn raw
exposed nerves crackle
like the backs of my eyeballs
floating on the surface 
of the thought I just had
or the song I'm listening to
why does everything want
out       right   now
without even identifying itself
as it squeezes through my lids
why do I  feel as if I'm
holding      my heart      hostage
and what am I waiting for
what are my demands
do I have any plans
if I get away with this
hostage          situation
I'm no good at negotiation
I'll just wait down at the station 
till the whole thing is resolved
leave it up to someone else
to see my problem solved
but the problem is there's still that part
my pumping, bleeding, aching heart
it seems wrong to just leave her there
saunter off without a care
but how much am I willing to give
without the promise that I will live
and how much is really at stake
if the battle's more than I can take
which pieces will I walk away with if I loose
is it a crap shoot, or can I pick    and choose
are there things in my heart I can't do without
creativity, empathy, my smile, my pout
looks like I have to suck it up
and work this thing out
but I don't believe in war so    is there another way
 we could coax my heart and humor her, 
convince her to come away
from the me who would harm her
we should probably disarm her
she's the one who started all this
standing there raging with balled-up fists
I just need to convince her to step back into me
put down the heart, and just let it be


  1. Wonderful! This is a really well done song!

  2. Cool. I never thought of it as a song but maybe one day it will be.