Monday, April 19, 2010

Women on the Edge of Evolution

     This Saturday, at 11 a.m. PT, (2 p.m. EST), Alanis Morissette will be featured on the ongoing web-based seminar Women on the Edge of Evolution.

When this webinar started last year, they planned on doing 14 sessions. There have been more than 30 now and they're amazing! I have learned so much and also heard so many women echo the things I've been thinking and learning and wondering about. I feel so connected to woman-kind through these 'calls'. There have been interviews with some truly legendary women.  I encourage all women to sign up for this free tele-seminar/webinar. You can download the talks after they take place or call in and listen on the phone. Go to to register. It's a truly enlightening and exciting tool.

I have been a fan of Alanis Morissette since her international career began. She will be talking about getting comfortable with holding power.  What an important lesson for women today! When we're poised to make so many positive changes, creating compassion and unraveling the patriarchy so that we can find health and sustainability, what better time to learn about being comfortable with our own power?  In my own life, this is one of the things that stops me. I know, way down deep, that there is great power within. I know that when I tap into that power, I'll be able to do more to help.  So what makes it scary? Lucia Rene did an interview on the Women on the Edge of Evolution and I listened to it over the weekend. She talked about unplugging the patriarchy and how as women, we're raised to believe that we're not powerful (or not supposed to be powerful). There are so many huge gaps in the way women and men are treated and brought up in our society.  It's been a source of great confusion for me for most of my life. The more I have tried to define myself, the more I see that I have to  move away from a consensus reality expectation of how a person "should" be. And then, to be truly free, I start to move away from definition at all. That's a toughie. When I've been trying most of my life to have some way to say, "This is me.", and really mean it, I find that words fail essence. We could all write a book, trying to explain what we think we're all about. And every day we could write a new forward and explanation for the lines we'll have to edit.


  1. This sounds like an interesting site, as soon as I'm able, I'll check it out. We women also need to learn to interpret what it means to express power as a woman rather than trying to express as a man, another problem of existing in a patriarchal system is the definition of what it means to be powerful and how to express that.
    It can be powerful just to be able to stay present.

  2. That's so true! Lucia Rene was on talking about Unplugging the Patriarchy and she made the point that what women need to do now is to learn to stand in their power. Not to stand against something, or even for something, just to stand in their power. That's beautiful! I think being present with someone is the greatest gift you can give a person.

  3. It is so very true. We women seem to be fighting against something all the time. We have the power to be present,aware and connected. Some how or some where this connection has shifted.

  4. Our culture is so kinetic, every moment is filled with things to do. Maybe we feel we have to 'fight' to get to that state of presence, rather than just allowing, stopping the movement and the sense of 'should', and letting ourselves really be in the moment.