Friday, April 30, 2010

Yet another poem

 Well it's the last day of April, National Poetry Month, so I thought I'd post one more poem.  Then I'm going to get back to the "Why I'm a Witch" series because I've been working on that too.

Excuse me but have you seen
       laying around anywhere
I'm looking for yesterday
and I can't seem to find it
but I just had it so    it can't be far

I thought of looking for last summer
but realized I didn't even know where to start
I glanced around for last week but

Yesterday I had one of those moments where
for a time, everything  feels  perfect
and I wondered, since I just had it
shouldn't it still be here somewhere?


  1. Hahah, very whimsical. I like this one.

  2. Thanks. It is, but it's talking about being 'in the zone' or whatever you want to call it. It's a deep place to come from in a very whimsical poem.