Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A delving poem

of all the voices of me, all the trains: inner-critic, inner-child, inner-wild-woman, inner-any-human-ness...
of all the moods, personalities that arise,
is there one that is most me,
most true to my authentic being?
or is it only in the fleeting moments when
for a breath
something outside of these
bears witness to them
there is the collective sigh
i am none of these


  1. If I am non of the above then who am I? A journey I am making and discovering.....

  2. The more I work with myself, the more comfortable I am with the idea that there are 'parts' of us. This makes it easier to address the part that needs attention. If I am scared of something, I can have an inner-dialogue with the fear and ask if I can help. It's strange but helpful. I feel a little crazy at first but when it works, it works.

  3. Excellent, I like the depth of this one.