Friday, August 6, 2010

Journal Entry

 I've not been posting as often as I would like but it's made me think about the reason I set this blog up.  I wanted to share some journal entries.  I've been writing on my lap-top more often now because it's faster but I've started forcing myself to write in my journal because I love it and there's something so organic and natural about pen and paper.  So, here is a journal entry from a while ago:


I've lately been referring to this time in my life as a "forced state of growth" and in the beginning that's how it felt but now I see that what felt forced was simply my sprout breaking ground and coming out into the sun.  I had spent a lot of time buried under things that were holding me down - impeding my growth. I now open my eyes and behold the world at my fingertips. I'm aware that growth is not a state- or that it doesn't happen in a certain amount of time. This is the beginning of me becoming me.  Growth is continual - there is no summit, no finish-line. I can grow and learn for my whole life.  In fact my life is becoming an awareness of my ability to stay in this space- accepting of who and where I am and loving that but also embracing the incoming -  the knowledge and wisdom that life has to offer. Everything I need to heal and grow is being put before me in abundance. Hands to hold when I feel unsteady, shoulders to go to when tears must come, people who have been on-path longer than I have to keep my eyes lifted ever-upward, child-like spirits to remind me to stay little, brave souls to remind me how big we are, beautiful folks whose light shines so brightly to remind me that I shine too, so many ways to see and feel that we are all connected, an easy relaxed view of that so the responsibility of it does not overwhelm, the feeling that all things are doable, the growing knowledge of my own specific needs and so much joy in that, the strong desire to be of service as much as possible, a sense of wholeness I've never before experienced.  This is the most exciting time of my life and I could not be more grateful!!


  1. What am amazing feeling that is and you communicate it so well! To know that you have love and support when you need it is awesome.

  2. Thanks! I just read in an old Yoga book about the process of awakening. It said once one is awakened, they may take naps at times but there will always be the knowing of that awakened state. I've been napping more than I would like lately but I see where some chaos is simply signal of coming change and that turn is coming soon!

  3. You are just so full of wonderful insights and wisdom. I am intrigued by the way you connect so well with your inner being

  4. Thank you so much. This is a pretty old journal entry and at that time I felt very connected. Lately I feel less so but I know the connection is there now, I just have to allow myself to work my way back to it.